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Instagram weekly Wrap Up
Instagram Weekly Wrap Up

Above you can see my Instagram wrap up. I am a newbie to the wanders of Instagram. Not because I didn’t want to join the bandwagon when it first started only because my outdated cellphone denied my access.

Alas I have joined the world of smart technology with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 (so digging this phone.) As much as I want to claim that I am technologically savvy truth be told I am not. I don’t speak phone and apps but I am getting there slowly.

I love pictures and all things visually appealing to the eye. I am dying to get my hands on a new camera but too get my hands on what I want I will probably have to spend the little free time I do have washing cars (job no 4) to earn extra cash for that baby lol.

So the S4 will do for now and helped me capture some of these awesome Instagram shots. I watched a cool video about Instagram and thought it was very insightful,will add the video below. It is kinda tips on how to use Instagram. Your Instagram needs to tell a story. Like a visual storyboard to the world without saying too much. You know that old saying a picture speaks a thousand words. well to me your Instagram should encompass that saying with one glance. You should be able to tell what that person is all about, may it be friends, travel,food fashion,family hobbies etc or a combination of all of the above.(more than just endless selfies we get it ,you know how to take a picture of yourself lol)

I try to walk a different route to work in the morning trying to capture different hidden gems in the city that can come across visually interesting. Through this social platform it has transformed the way I see the world and what could look great in a picture, to share with the world. I have learnt so much about myself this year, my love for writing, helping, pictures, videos and now they way Instagram allows me to make even the ugly things beautiful.

Happy snapping beautiful people!


Cherry ♥

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