It’s ok to Pause!

I feel like a traveler now, navigating my way from country to country, across borders and into places I only dreamed about. Now looking back and seeing how far I have come and the person this journey has morphed me into, is the greatest story I will ever tell!

 A month before heading off to Cambodia, I was struck by some bad luck well that’s what it felt like at the time! I had undoubtedly had the best time ever in Hong Kong and Vietnam. As I was heading onto my next adventure into Thailand (Bangkok to be precise) calamity struck! A sprained ankle had the worst UTI I have ever had, I thought for sure my life as a traveller was over! My mother threatened that if I didn’t recover, I would be on the next  flight back to Cape Town but I was not ready to go home yet!

 I was stuck in Bangkok for a month, visiting the hospital week after week, taking antibiotics by the bucket loads, praying for healing and feeling completely down and out. There was just no improvement in my condition. I was and will always be forever grateful to my dear friend for letting me crash at his new house and comforting me through my time of need!

 I remember the last Monday arriving at the hospital knowing I could not return the next week because my visa would expire and still feeling no better! The side effects from the last batch of antibiotics had put me in a state of constant nausea and insomnia! The doctor confirmed it must have been a bad allergic reaction to the meds and then proceeded to do more tests followed by another week of different antibiotics. I remember explaining my situation to the doctor and I that couldn’t return the next week. She said she would call me and email me the test results and that I would be ok.

 As the week went by I started feeling a bit better but still nervous because I hadn’t heard from the doctor. I went on with my life, packed up my backpack and proceeded to head to Cambodia. The journey was long and I remember sitting on the bus and as we were about to do the boarder cross, my phone rang and it was the doctor!! My test results had come back clear and I was going to be fine, just as she promised! I just needed to complete my antibiotics and take it easy.

 I was so thankful and said a silent prayer to God for this miracle. In hindsight, that month off was probably the best thing for me. Having been away from home for 13 months, working round the clock virtually, I was completely and utterly exhausted physically. I needed rest and time to look after myself again before heading back on the road. If I hadn’t taken time off to pause I would not have had the energy for my adventure of a lifetime. I had the good fortune to cross paths with the most amazing people and reconnected with people I met in the beginning of my travels!

The saying “things happen for a reason” had always been something I believed in and even though the month I paused wasn’t the easiest month of my life, it helped me in ways I cannot explain in words! I have grown up, I feel wiser and a lot more conscious of taking care of my health. I cherish every day I have on this earth as the gift it is. I may not have money in the bank or even a job but I am happier than ever, filled with riches, memories and experiences that no money could ever buy!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥





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