June Please be Good

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Onto the 6th month of the year, we trek the second half of the year should be exciting, so many plans and things to look forward to. A new journey, a new life in the making.

In other exciting news CherryHearts turns 1 year this month. I started this brain child 1 year ago documenting our journey and hopefully inspiring all who follow; it has been a rewarding experience one we wish to continue for many more years to come.

This weekend again I realised I cannot do it all and I have to trust God with all my plans. I had a good weekend spending time with my family celebrated Granny’s 94th birthday yesterday can you imagine living so long? I cannot.

I had such great plans I wanted to go the bacon Festival and had such cool ideas for awesome blog post but then that plan fall through due to bad planning the tickets were sold out. So that culinary excursion turned into after work dinner at the Mexican in long street a new place very cool vibe nice food worth a try.

Saturday I had a meeting with a group of ladies I serve with at Sisters Incorporated where I look after children I have been faithfully serving for about 4 years. I am sad to be leaving them and the kids soon but the encouragement I received when I told them I was leaving was amazing and everyday closer I feel like I am doing the right thing.

I spent some time with my mom the evening we went to watch a very funny movie called Walk of Shame a good laugh on a cold winter night in Cape Town. Moments like these I will miss the most so making the most of my time here to spend it with the most important people.

Courteney has been slaving away with exam prep I remember those days and the long June holidays the best days to think back on as soon as she completes her exams we will do some more cool videos and shoots together to help me with my photography practice. Good luck to all those doing exams remembers hard work does pay off in the end.

I hope you are all good thank you again for following my rambles I hope June is a good month for all!!


Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥




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