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As it’s our very first blog post as a duo we thought it would only be fair to introduce ourselves to you. So who are we? We’re sisters born and breed in Cape Town, both very different but so alike. We vary quite largely in age a 8O’s kid and a 90’s kid. According to Courteney I should be married and out the house by now LOL but strangely it ain’t so and don’t really see it in my near future but that’s an entire blog post for another day!

A Quick look into Courteney/Courts/Chil-liegh

Age  15

Gender female

Religion Christian

Church Common Ground

Hobbies Dancer @ OOA/Model/ Aspiring YouTube Video Maker

A Quick look into Thalea/Thals/ T

Age  20 Something

Gender female

Religion Christian

Church Common Ground

University CPUT

Qualification Btech Marketing

Hobbies Blogging/Volunteering @ OOA & Sisters Incorporated/Watching YouTube Videos

As we continue this world of blogging I am sure you will get to know us so much more as we document our life’s journey. For now we leave you with a few snapshots from Courts latest photo shoot I got roped into at the end for a few jokey shots.


Cherry ♥

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