Life lessons Learnt While Living Abroad!


Life is made up of many events that lead to pivotal moments that will change your life more so than others. Me being in China has taught me so many life lessons made up of the strangest moments life throws at you.

Life Lesson 1 – Don’t take anything for granted.

Celebrate the small things, the simple things in life. Even something as simple as bread milk and cheese.( which is not something you can find easily here) Not getting lost every day and communicating successfully in a foreign language just to mention a few. Take time out to recognise these small victories and celebrate them.

Life Lesson 2 – Never get too comfortable.

As easy as, things, people and opportunities may land on your lap it’s as easy as it can be removed. Don’t get attached, and comfortable life has a way of throwing you curve balls you will never expect. (expect the unexpected.)

I think the reality of living abroad is the hardest because you can easily get attached to people you become fast friends with that become your family. This life is temporary and as easily as they come into your life it’s as easy as they will leave your life. Saying Goodbyes the hardest part.

Life Lesson 3 – Be prepared.

Always be ready and prepared for everything.Have the attitude to handle things as they come because they will come, and it can be anything and you can handle it. What get’s me through this one is I constantly remind myself that God never gives you anything you cannot handle.

Life Lesson 4 – Become a doer.

Stop thinking that inevitable “what if” just get up and do it. You have nothing to loose but so much more to gain.

Life Lesson 5 –  Be yourself

It’s so easy to turn into someone else when you  in a foreign country where nobody knows who you are or if you are running away from something back home. Take this opportunity to test your boundaries discover who you are and don’t change but be true to yourself and enhance the real person you are.

Time has truly gone by so fast seven months in China, and One trip to the hospital, a few bruises, no kids have died in my care, and I am still going strong.

I have avoided the inevitable where to from here question, which I am still avoiding but time will tell, and I know all will be made clear soon I hope.

My life has truly been turned upside down living here but in a good way but dealing with lack of internet and connectivity to the world has by far been the hardest one.

Hope you enjoy this post its really overdue I do  appologise. I will be posting some more travel Diary posts soon I have been to some really awesome places in China.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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  1. I second all of the points above. It makes me think about my trips overseas. Everytime I come back i value what others easily take for granted. I have a deeper appreciation for my country, our people and the way we do things. Even things that would generally work on one’s nerves here, is something I’ve learned to appreciate. Being in a foreign country and not understanding what people are saying, is such a lost feeling. It’s lovely seeing and experiencing new things, meeting new people but there is always that barrier of not being able to speak the language or even understanding their culture. Even my sense of humour is lost on them. I would long for people that just gets me.You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the helicopter view of things.

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