Living Life Grabbing Opportunities

This year I decided to live my life grabbing each and every opportunity  that comes my way. So far I have missed a few opportunities one work decision that I felt ruined my career but  this is life and the curve balls that come your way after making certain decisions, may not necessarily mean it may need to ruin your life. Just maybe change the direction ever so slightly.

I always believe things happen for a reason and so we must always be ready for change and not get too comfortable. This is a problem I am sure we can all relate too getting so comfortable that we often miss opportunities. I don’t want to be that girl anymore I want to be confident to stand up no matter how scared I am of the unknown but actually go forth and do it .

I have also changed my attitude around earning money. When I left my job last year I had saved up enough to hold me over for a few months not having a  job and not realising how tough it would be to find a job either, it took me about 6 months to land an internship with potential and a very bad salary. Then I remembered a very wealthy man told me once; “Sometimes its not about the money its about doing something you love and intern the money will come”. I would rather be happy in job earning less than be unhappy earning more. I refused to be a slave to a paycheck. So naturally earning less was better than nothing and after some thought I took the job.

Even though I was earning badly it didn’t bother me I was happy with people that cared about me and not only what I can do for the company. If you feel valued you will value your work. A few months down I received an increase and a choice in what direction I wanted to work in I still think i chose the wrong option but that option lead me here so It can’t be that bad and it allows me more time to focus on my freelance activities. I currently have 3 jobs. I babysit part time my actual job and I  work for Out Of Africa Dance Academy doing the Marketing.

I got the babysitting job because I volunteer at Sisters Incorporated a shelter for abused women and children. Most Mondays I look after the children while their moms have bible study. One of the ladies that leads the bible study asked me to babysit her 2 boys so that’s how that started and I get paid.

I got the Out Of Africa Job because I volunteered my time and skills with them when they needed help with promoting their show Dreams into Reality and now they want me to join the team part time and actually get paid.

I was very happy doing it all for free as I have learnt so much and the experience is awesome. My attitude to help and volunteer my time showed the owner of the Academy my passion and the fact that I believed in her vision for the company. So in all I may not have the dream job I have dream jobs.

I was searching for that one thing that fulfills me in a Job role where meanwhile it’s more than one thing and one job. The day to day Job shouldn’t  be the crux of your existence. Don’t be defined by a job but rather allow yourself to define a job. What I mean by this statement is we often looking for things to define us and a job is hugely the main thing as we get an education to get a job. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by a Job that is just a part of who you are. Be happy all of the time in everything that you do and try not to miss an opportunity you never know where it may lead.


Cherry ♥


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