Long Weekends = Family Getaways in Arniston


Coming back from a long weekend away is never easy especially when you were at a beautiful little fishing town with your family eating way too much playing fun games and relaxing hard.

That sentence, practically summed up my entire weekend poor bliss. Saturday morning my mom, Courteney, Kyle and I set off to meet some of our extended family uncles aunts and cousins in Arniston a beautiful little town about 2 hours outside of Cape Town. The weather was rainy and stormy but it was fun to get away for the weekend as I have not done this in ages.

I remember growing up as a kid and teenager always going camping in Arniston some of my fondest memories of growing up. We hired a nice big house where we all stayed. It was fun to play games like 30 seconds and Jenga the intensity of that game was awesome.

As we grow up I realised, that stolen moments like these are what are important spending time with family laughing and being silly is what makes life that much more enjoyable. One thing that is guaranteed is you will never go hungry with my family eating way too much, and it doesn’t help that it is winter and when its cold out you tend to eat more.

We had a feast of a lunch for Fathers day felt like Christmas lunch all again yum!

So from walking in the rain, to watching all the soccer world cup games endless amounts of reality tv laughing telling scary ghost stories and eating way too much I think this was a perfect winter getaway with the family.

I do recommend you visit Arniston especially in the summer the beach is really amazing . The place we stayed at is called Wildebosch an 8 sleeper self catering house about a 5 minute walk from the beach.

Hope you enjoy some of my pictures and let me know how you spent your weekend.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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