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On Sunday the weather in Cape Town was spring time fresh with a hint of summer on the horizon…. This look really sums that all up, as fresh as a daisy blooming on spring day in the fields of green grass! The cropped yellow top bought last summer at Cotton On and the skater skirt bought this past winter at Cotton on too. Spring and autumn/fall are the two seasons you can have the most fun with mixing it up with pieces from summer and winter to create a look for those in-between days.

Courteney was on her way to visit her friend it was her confirmation and I caught these snaps before she left in our front garden.

Let me know what you think and which season’s fashion you like the most.


cherry ♥


Cropped Yellow Top  Cotton On

khaki skater skirt Cotton On

Spiked chain  Cotton On

Gladiator Sandals Zoom

Leather Pack Pack ohsoboho

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