Look Post|Ring My Wedding bells


Saturday past, I attended a wedding my Cousins wedding; it was very beautiful indeed. It was a little scary because it was the first one to tie the knot out of my actual cousins so you can imagine how the conversion among my family went down. Who will be next Lol I guess that is an inevitable question. Didn’t help that my mom walks over to my table and says you do know weddings are the best place to meet people right…. shhhhh!!! Drum roll, please…. I am happy SINGLE lol!!

I bought this pretty peach chiffon dress in Bangkok for next to nothing I paired it with a Woolworths one strap sandal that complemented the dress well for a pop of colour I added a green clutch bag and my Rayban shades to finish the look.

This week I took a step outside the comfort zone I filmed a video (watch here)  and didn’t completely suck and this is my first look post in front of the camera not behind it. #Makingithappen2014

Let me know what you guys think?

Have a great weekend everyone and do something outside the comfort zone!!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


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