Love Drugs and the Rock’n Roll Warped Perception of Life #lifeisshort

I think today’s post may be abit deep I have been raving on about various things Courteney and I have been doing lately  and yes it’s been awesome and sincerely hope you have been enjoying it.

I am a deep creature by nature and my family says sometimes I can be really blunt and harsh and have no heart. On the real I have too much heart and I have been hurt in the past,been taken advantage of,kept quite and suffered in silence one too many times.

The last 3 years I have learnt  so much about myself and grown to stand up for myself, I still hate confrontations but learnt to rather say my say then keep quiet about it and I try to complain less and solve problems rather than make problems.

I wish all people would live a life of caring more for others and leave this Rock n Roller life

images (2)style idea alone it totally warps the way you see life or at least the way life should be seen in my opinion. Fast money, fast women, fast cars all at what cost. Life is way too short to get stuck in that trap live your dreams but do not compromise your morals in the process of living the “so called la good life”

I believe you can have it all but know what you want first, work hard and achieve your goals. I hate it when you can see people using other people to get ahead in life its sad actually and those that stood by you all the years when you had nothing just get’s tossed to the side.

I am a firm believer of saying my say and if you choose not to listen then get your own head knocked a few times until you do listen and yes I will most likely be there, on the side line telling you I told you so. But if you were my friend then and come back to me after you have seen the light and realized you were wrong I will continue to be your friend.

Forgiveness and asking for forgiveness is huge in my books it shows maturity to own up to your mistakes and it goes both ways. I know alot about alot but I certainly do not know everything and everyday I learn more and will admit when I am wrong.

I have seen friends fall into this trap repeatedly and it breaks my heart but a good friend will let them go and when they return comfort them and guide them, leave the judgement for judgement day.  We all are far from innocent but what we can do is let them go family, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend and when the party is over and they alone on the dance floor be the person that doesn’t turn your back even when they turned their back on (1)

As hard as it may be, be the better person and help because the only time they will understand is when the drum stops beating to the tune they walking and they have reached rock bottom and in dying need of friend to help them up.

It is so frustrating when you can see the direction someone is going is the wrong one but you cannot do anything about it because they choose not to listen to you. You can only say so much until you need to say no more.

I by no means want to say this is the right way of thinking this is my way of thinking and its all based on previous experiences I have seen or had in my personal life.  I am always interested in what you may think so please feel free to share your opinions with me.


Cherry ♥



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