Making a Life Changing Decision

For a long time, I felt like I was aimlessly living life making sure I did what I had to do. I read this quote this morning I posted it on my CherryHearts facebook page you can join it here. It said;” If you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.” It was profound to me because this weekend past I spent it in a classroom with 18 other people learning how to teach English.

Yes, I said it I am taking the biggest risk of my life and going, I am not sure on all the specifics just yet but my main aim is to finish up this course that I am doing right now and then sort out the rest.086dbf74a1b6eeeb39ccda71c878fe5a

Not knowing what I had signed up for it was scary and daunting, I felt completely overwhelmed but I am more than half way through it now. My goal is to complete it in June. This weekend being in a practical environment with like-minded people was awesome. I was nervous, but the day was so jammed back that we hardly had time to relax. Then came the time for putting what we were taught into practice the nerves kicked back in.

Luckily I wasn’t doing this alone,One of my oldest friends and I decided to do this together. Having her there for me helped put me at ease and vice versa. The practical we could do together and we aced it. Sunday we had to do it all again and we made it. We conquered our fears, passed the weekend practical, had fun and made some friends we hope to bump into again on some foreign soil.

My longing to travel and explore has been one I have had for many years, I have finally built up the courage to go out there and do it. Talking to the guys in the class was great as some of my friends just don’t get it they did, they could relate, we all had a clear common interest, wanderlust our desire to earn money while travelling and learning other cultures.
I know my journey has just begun but after this weekend I finally feel like this is starting to become real, I feel excited again and I feel like I am on the right path.

So like that quote said; if you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.” That’s what I am doing to make my dream come true for now; I do not know where this journey may lead, but I just want to be happy, so I am opening myself up to adventure, praying for guidance and with my travel support buddy along for the ride we just going out there and going to make this work. Not forgetting taking all you with me too I cannot wait to share all my experiences with you guys as well!

Let me know if you have taken any big life changing  risks and how it worked out for you?( I am always interested)

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

4 thoughts on “Making a Life Changing Decision”

  1. Cherry the course is just the start and you probably have realised by now that you have gone through a door to find a HUGE field to explore – it is pretty daunting.
    I recommend (but don’t share this necessarily with the course owner!) is not to worry too much about knowing all the grammar rules and quirks of the English language but instead always have a grammar bible reference book with you (such as the one by Michael Swann).
    Instead I’d focus on finding an interesting delivery method for the language – definitely not death by powerpoint that you stayed up all night to make. That’ll be your death from fatigue and death of the students from passive learning, sitting watching the screen, or looking at the textbook.
    Probably on your course they have talked to you about using TPR (especially for kids) and active or interactive learning – there’s lots that can help you on my site or email me for help when you get into your first classroom!

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