For my mother today marks a special day

The day she was born a couple of years ago

I will cheekily say.

She is ultimately the heart of our home

The carer

The nurturer

The master chef

The do it all mom

Her days seem to never end and the task no matter the size

She never fails to complete

Yes we mess her around sometimes

Tease her like the children we are

but most of all we wouldn’t change

her nagging to clean our rooms

or pack the dishes away for anything in this world.

We love the way she gives so kindly of herself to others

without taking a second to think about it.

Her creativeness with words

that has spilt over to her daughters

The great lessons of life

that she has taught us without even knowing it

Her advice on anything is pearls of wisdom

that has equipped us to give of ourselves

to help others as graciously as she does.

Her love for the lord that she has instilled in us

set a firm foundation for our spiritual souls.

She is the ultimate, woman,wife, mother, bestfriend any child could ever ask God for.

So today I say thank you for blessing my Mother with another year of life

Happy Birthday Mom!


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