Motivational Monday – Sitting Pretty


I have been in a state of confusion for awhile and had such a terrible day on Friday never posted anything I wasn’t in a good mood at all. Then the after work drink calmed me down, a good laugh and walked down the ever busy long street that made me relax and rather just enjoy the weekend.

I guess this is life and I need accept that I will never have things all figured out. What I do know is I cannot sit here pretty forever. I think I am frustrated by the comfort zone. I am very ambitious, but I noticed that I tend to loose drive as soon as the job gets hard or boring. My tedious job of making sure everyone is happy all the time is so draining and sometimes think to myself is this all I am good for.

Truth; I feel like I am just another slave in the system working for pay and struggling to save. I want out or a new challenge a fresh start I cannot sit pretty and wish for a brighter day, the bigger pay cheque or an opportunity to do something I truly love. (my holiday changed me so much)Nothing will happen if I sit still. Maybe you can relate. I hate people who complain all the time and never do anything about it. I feel like I have been complaining to myself for awhile but just not truly listening.

I had a chat with my best friend while drinking imported Sigha beer remembering Thailand on Friday and yes everything she said, I have heard one too many times. While you young and you have nothing holding you back go. After the last few weeks being confused, it was like bright light hit me I need to go (not sure where how or what ) but I need to go.

Then Saturday morning I woke up as normal and my parents and I started talking and out of nowhere they both told me to go my potential here is being wasted and I should go do something exciting even if it’s going to be hard they know I can make it work. That was crazy I had not mentioned to them once my thoughts of going anywhere and it was the confirmation the sign you can call it that I needed. Right in that instance I made up my mind I am going not sure where yet but I am leaving starting over.

So here I write to you reading this about me and my hopes and dreams and hope my rambles make sense.As most people are scared of the unknown. I refuse to let that keep me down and I don’t want to say I never tried.

If anyone of you have any advice for me regarding what I should do, where I should go or even how I can start over, please let me know. I now need to put an action plan together work out how much I need to save before I can go..

I am saying no to sitting pretty and letting the comfort zone take over. If you can relate I suggest you break the cycle too! So here is to making things happen in 2014.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


Saying no to sitting pretty!


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