Motivational Monday- What’s Your Purpose?

My purpose is to inspire, whether it be talking to a congregation of people (not that I have done that), to writing a blog post where 1 to 5 people may read it or a simple conversation to the stranger on a bus, in a bar, on a plane or anywhere really!

I am living my story and I love hearing other’s too! Everyone has a story to tell, and if you just listen and open up to the universe, you will be a much better person. I have never felt more alive than when I am traveling, meeting people and having a good time!

I sat down and thought about it for a second… what is it about travel that makes me so happy? It’s the thought of discovering a new gem, a new friend, a new smell, a new smile! It’s to see things with my wide open eyes for the first time! It’s the excitement I feel when I wake up in a new city, it’s the lives I can touch with a simple hello or thank you!

I have learnt to let go of the person I thought I was and embrace the person I am. I am a single 28-year-old woman with a faith-filled life ahead of me. Stepping out of my comfort zone was the best thing I have ever done and I am so proud of myself for doing it! The road’s never easy, but the person you become is the greatest story you will ever tell!!

I encourage you to find your purpose, it’s tough especially when you don’t know how, who or what but try different things. Do something you’re afraid of, speak to a stranger, live now because the only way you can harness your full potential is to discover who you truly are!

I for sure don’t have my ducks all in a row and the truth is I probably never will but it is nice knowing who I am and the person I strive to be! Don’t let society cloud your judgement. I am a marketing girl by vocation.I studied consumer behavior, The media is selling you lies and things you don’t need so don’t buy into things you think you need rather do something crazy if you will. For me, it’s travel and exploring life through others and in so doing I have found ME. find the thing that makes you happy and just take it from there.

So step outside and you will be so surprised with yourself!
Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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