MuscalMonday with a Motivational Twist


I have been lacking inspiration of late but whenever I feel this way Courteney always cheers me up even when we just chilling in her room, and she starts dancing and playing the fool. She is just so infectious and knows how to make me smile. Enough about me and more about her.

She had this opportunity to enter a talent competition called Summer Heat Talent Search. She didn’t seem to keen, but the prize opportunity was just so amazing she could win a bursary to study at the New York Film Academy.( she wants to study film when she finishes school this opportunity seemed like a God sent)

Courteney has been dancing since the age of 4 years old and has grown in ability and in confidence she is beautiful and talented and as any sister would I encourage her and support her through it all.

She was not excited to enter thinking what her chances are. Then big sister stepped in and spoke to her and reminded her of her dream to go to New York and be a performer.( all she has been talking about for years) I also reminded her that if you never grab opportunities you will never know what could happen. Life is about not missing the boat and regretting things you could have done. It is very rare that people can turn a dream into reality, and I am a sole believer if you have the opportunity grab it with both hands.

So yesterday she went for it with the support of me mom, dad, the boyfriend and dance teacher cheering form the side. She was confident and killed the audition. I am truly proud of her for not giving up and letting this opportunity pass her by.

She was the Female winner!!!!! So proud of her!!! ( check out a clip of her audition here)

She has the opportunity to showcase her talent in Johannesburg later this year at the national search. She also got scouted by one of the talent scouts. I am so proud of her, and I know her support team will be standing by her side.

I have always believed that she has the talent to go far and live her dream. This may be a stepping stone and no matter what the outcome it will always be a learning curve and the connections you make now could set you up for the future.

I hope you enjoyed this Muscal Monday with a Motivational Twist. Grab opportunities because life is way to short to watch it pass you by. ( I know I need to take my own advice too.)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

Courteney on Stage at the Competition
So proud of this Girl!!
So proud of this Girl!!

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