Musical Monday- Courteney’s sweet 16th Birthday Surprises


I can finally reveal what I have secretly been planning and scheming for the last month. Friday night with the help of my mother(the everything), dad (the financier), Kyle (the dancing boyfriend) and  my cousin Naz (the baker) we put a surprise Birthday party together for my other half Courteney( the dancing sister). Saturday marked her 16th Birthday and noted it was her crown Birthday too.

I found a location a little diner not to far from where we stay called On a Roll where we had the party. I invited her closest friends from school and dancing gathered them at the place around 7 pm.   It was crazy trying to get everything organised but I got it all done without her knowing a thing, her friends are truly awesome for not letting the cat out the bag. She was honestly miserable thinking nobody cared about her it was so funny to witness. (while we all knew the truth)

Eventually she got there and we all screamed surprise and sang Happy Birthday! It was so awesome she was so shocked that she even started to cry lol

Meanwhile Kyle and I had another sneaky surprise up our sleeve a week before her birthday we planed to do a dance video for her as a birthday gift and it came out amazing. My friend Nic Manshon is a film maker, he helped us out his truly so talented. I got my friends apartment where we shot the video and everything could not have worked out more awesome. We were so in the zone throwing ideas together and we worked our magic. Kyle is an amazing Dancer and I see great things in his future. His passion for dance  and the way he performed that day while shooting was electric we could all feel it. After Nic and I were speechless and could not believe that he did that. The filming and creating this piece inspired us in more ways than just creating it for Courteney.

I think the hardest part for me was keeping this gift a surprise. I remember Courteney telling me once “I don’t want anything for my Birthday please just ask Kyle to dance for me” lol (little did she know) We debuted the video at the party in front of all her friends and family. Needless to say she cried again lol (happy tears for sure.)

I love bringing joy to peoples lives and was so happy that my month of conceptualizing and planning worked out so great I could not have asked for anything more. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the video was truly the cherry on top of the Surprise Birthday Cake.

So with no further a do check out this video below and some Birthday pics and let me know what you think.


Cherry ♥

The Dream Team
Behind the scenes of our Video!
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
The Food On a Roll
Dads Princess
Dads Princess
Rock and Roll Fun!
The Girls
The Girls

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