Musical Monday- Dance to Las Vegas

Can you believe it  its the 2 of December already goodbye November and hello to the Silly Season. I am not much of Christmas person but I am trying to get a little festive I felt like an office elf decorating the Christmas tree filling our fruit jars with chocolates and we have our end of year party tonight so very excited about that but will tell you all about that soon. For today I thought I would fill you in on what went down this weekend.

Friday nothing exciting but Saturday was competition time  Out of Africa Dance Academy entered 3 crews, junior crew Revenge, Varsity section New Generation and the Adult section Dynamic Shakers. It has been awhile since we entered the competition so it was exciting, nerves were rising but most importantly we were there to have fun. Courteney was completely stressed out, when they did sound check in there mix there was a swear word that needed to be taken out or they would get minis points luckily just in time we managed to get the mix edited.

The comp started with solos in popping. locking and all styles we had two of our juniors do a solo and we are so proud of them competing up against the older guys.( which in my opinion is not very fair) but well done to them for giving it there all.

Then it was crew time. In the junior section there were only two crews going up against each other and our Revenge crew knocked it out the park they were full of energy and attitude loved there performance and so did the crowd and Judges. They placed first and making there way to the Finals happening next year in March. Well done to our little hip hoppers.

Then it was the varsity section my New Gen girls looked the part costumes hair and make up looking sharp. This was a tough section as they competed against fierce competition and  alot of them.  They were up first and did us all proud. We could see how they danced there hearts out on that stage giving it there all. They placed forth and very happy with there results as there competition was good. So back to the studio to get ready for finals in march 2014.

The adult section was good too but not as great as I had expected. The Dynamic Shakers girls were good, there first competition performing together and they had just been together  for 2 months. Unfortunately they didn’t make it through to finals but we were very proud of them for  going out there and doing there best.

This was a long day of competition but personally I really enjoyed it, it didn’t seem like it was the entire day, timing everything ran smoothly compared to previous years when things are pretty much all over the place so happy about that. At the end after prize giving the judges called a quick meeting with one representative from each group who made it through. He gave them great tips on what they judge on and how to bring up there game for the finals. They handed them each a judging score sheet so they can see exactly where they score there marks which I thought was great.

Hope you all had great weekends and are getting into the Christmas spirit of things. I leave you with some snaps from the competition hope you all enjoy and have a great week.


Cherry ♥



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