Musical Monday – Deliah

I have had a manic Monday morning from a fairly chilled weekend. Talk about kicking things up a gear. On Friday night while putting my make up on my contact lens fall out of my eye and down the drain (CRYING). I literally watched money fall down the drain as I need a special kind of lens for my eye. I called the Optometrist to order the other lens and found out my excuse of a medical aid doesn’t even cover half my expenses. So there goes my travel fund and my dream of being a gypsy just seems like a distant day dream right now. Life happens and we all need to just deal with it I guess. Just saddens me as I would really love to go to Thailand to visit my friend and the thought of telling her I may not be able to afford it hurts me.

Oh well enough ranting and raving about money leaving and dreams that may not become reality right now, lets all be positive. As I learnt in church yesterday “Life is tough but God is good.”  (I am human after all sometimes it is hard to be positive all the time)

So to comfort my somber mood I thought listening to some Delilah would be perfect for Musical Monday. Delilah was signed to Atlantic Records at the age of 17 she released her debut album last year called; From the Roots Up.

Her dark and mysterious sounds sweep you away to another time. Her strange sound is what attracts me to her voice. Her song called shades of Grey hits the nail on the head for today as the chorus says;

Through the darker shades of grey

I see beauty in the rain

Gotta find myself,

(Hold me tears are blinding my eyes)

Let me find myself

So even though I am sad right now to part with my hard earned saved money but it is only money and I have so much more to be grateful for. So through the darker shades of grey I see beauty in the rain and I am sure I will find myself a better person through it all and something great is still in my future.(Me being my melodramatic self.)

She is truly awesome artist to listen to, her lyrics are amazing as it takes you on a ride. My favorites worth the listen is; Go The single features a vocal sample interpolation from Chaka Khan‘s 1983 hit “Ain’t Nobody“, plus original writing from herself. Chaka Khan has since heard the track, labeling it “genius”

Breath, Love You So are another two I love and if you like those you will most likely love the album called From the Roots Up.

On  a happy note; it is a short week as Friday is a public holiday (long weekend yay!)


Cherry ♥


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