Musical Monday – Riri hits SA

Rihanna In SA Instagram shots

Festival and concert time is in the air…. Oh how I enjoy it . Never easy on the pocket but luckily I bought these Rihanna tickets months ago.

She hit the FNB stadium in Johannesburg last night. The good girl gone bad singers show received mixed reviews; some saying they expected more, more energy , more dancing and more costume changes. Others saying that she did great compared to her first time in SA.  The next leg of her SA TOUR is Cape Town this Wednesday.  Where I will get to review it first hand. I am going in with very low expectations as I have never seen her perform live before or really watched a concert on TV. I have seen one or two live performances on award shows and was rather impressed.

I bought Courteney a ticket months ago and never told her, was planning on telling her on Wednesday but told her over the weekend she is a crazy person for RIrI  and when I told her she could not believe that I bought it and kept it from her for so long. Who doesn’t love a good surprise and an early Birthday pressie

I think i deserve the best sister award don’t you? lol If you have seen Riri in action please feel free to let me know your experiences or what your best live concert was.


Cherry ♥

Last Night In Johannesburg
Rocking KTZ straight off the runway Last Night In JohannesburgLove this Riri in the wild shot!Love this Riri in the wild shot!







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