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On Friday I went to watch the highly acclaimed The Rocky Horror Show at the Fugard Theater. I was so excited to go check it out, I love watching musicals at the theater. I was not completely familiar with story but who doesn’t know the Iconic Time Warp song and dance.

We made Our way to the Theater and we could feel the excitement as some audience members went all out and dressed up as characters from the show, who doesn’t love a drag queen or two lol(Fag hag) Kyle (Courteney’s boyfriend) felt a bit violated when few cast members walked around the foyer before we entered checking tickets and one (guy/girl) politely squeezed his bum lol The mortified look on his face was priceless and the thoughts going through his 18 year old head must have been where the hell have you taken me too lol

One thing I loved about the show is it’s extremely interactive, you get a participation pack and as the scenes commences you are prompted to throw confetti during the wedding scene put newspaper over your head and light your glow stick during the storm scene throw streamers and cards ect so it is really fun. The acting and singing was absolutely brilliant. In my opinion they got exactly the right actors for each role.

The main attraction  Dr Frank N Furter was definitely a site not to be missed his absolutely amazing. From the singing to the cheeky comebacks to the audience chirps was just awesome to say the least. I will admit if you do not know the story or have not watched the movie come with an open mind as it is very raunchy and crazy but that makes the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend you go watch this craziness while you still can.

Booking Details below book now!

Cape Town Fugard Theater

Show is currently running till the 12 Jan 2014

Price Range R90-R210

Johannesburg Pieter Torien Main Theatre

Show will be running from 24 Jan 2014 -30 March 2014

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      1. I went with my parents as well lol just don’t make eye contact during the uncomfortable scenes hahahaha then just say its the Rocky Horror Show what did you expect hahaha!

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