Musical Monday – Ultra SA Festival Madness


On Valentine’s Day Cape, Town hosted the biggest International festival to hit our soil. There is no other words to describe it but epic madness!! ULTRA SA

A group of us got festival ready in shorts and lumo tops and ready to hit the Ostrich farm for an explosion of music. The weather was sweet at about 30 degrees; we got in at 3pm and as soon as we heard the banging beats we were overjoyed with excitement for the day.

My friend whom I visited in Bangkok just came home to so this was a great welcome home gathering we were all together having a great time.

The set up was awesome 3 dance floors many bars so everyone could always stay hydrated the service was good too, (not the usual long lines)

The Music

If you love EDM, it will be the best place to be with a line up like this how could you not go crazy.


My favorite set was Afro Jack I loved the new single called 10 feet tall a little more poppy than the usual hard electro sound that we used to from him, but I still love it. Krewella was also insanely representing for the females. Everyone was amazing from the crowd the International line up to the local guys killing it too. At one point, I wish I could have cut myself up in 3 pieces so I could be on each dance floor.

The fireworks display was amazing; I loved that it was a show and so glad I was there to experience it . It felt great to be with the people I loved, enjoying great music and a great festival vibe. Seriously never danced so hard in a long time I even thought I sprained my ankle and my toes were going to fall off.

If you missed this event, you missed out big time!! It was the best outdoor event I have ever been too. It would be a real crazy experience to go to Miami where this event started 15 years ago, the thought sends an electric current down my spine lol.

We all still recovering from the madness and the rest of the weekend we spent pool side, trying to stay cool, laughing and reminiscing about the crazy fun we had at Ultra SA!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


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