Musical Mondays- Drop City Yacht Club

The idea of Musical Mondays came from the fact that Courteney and I love music. She being a dancer (dances like everywhere lol). Our taste in music is strange from the somberness sounds of Lana Del Rey to the local Hip Hip of SA. We pretty much love all genres of music.

I love discovering the new kids on the block before they get crazy popular and we love the pop tunes too. My latest Craze is Drop City Yacht Club. I can’t put my finger on them and say exactly what it is I like about them but their music is just cool and they have a cool swag about them too. Actually knowing only one song the debut single Crickets. I can tell they are going to be something, definitely a group to keep your eye on.

The members of Drop City Yacht Club include A-Wolf (Anthony Cozzo) and Kristo, two rappers and THX one producer.

The group is known to not take a typical approach to the makings of a rap record, as they describe themselves to be individually crazed artists all collaborating into one unique approach. Their style includes a fuse of savvy hip hop, crafty pop and a splash of light 60’s rock. Group Member A-Wolf would describe these characteristic of their craft similar to the Beach Boys and Beastie Boys.  There album will be released later this year should make for an interesting listen.

In  a  world where everything thing sounds oddly the same the unique guys stand out. I love the Hip Hop and soulfulness of the debut single Crickets. It seriously just makes you want to groove on the beaches of Miami in Summer! In reality it is a clod winters afternoon in Cape Town. I love how music can transport you to different destination even if it’s only it’s only your head.


Cherry ♥


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