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This weeks, Musical Monday is triggered by me listening to the local radio station 5fm as I do most days and while I was thinking about what on earth I could write about,I heard Mathew Gold on 5fm right now as I am writing this post. Just like that I had my Musical Monday Post. If you have not read a post I wrote about him before check it out (here).

I know this Mathew fella from school and I am extremely proud of what he has accomplished to date. He’s releasing his new album called The Rush it is available to download on Itunes now (BUY IT HERE)  and will be in stores soon. I cannot wait to hear his album. He colabs with Crazy White Boy.AKA,GoodLuck just to mention a few. He also recently got signed to Soul Candi Records one of South Africa’s biggest labels.


He is a soulful singer that can hypnotize you with his voice.  Singing across all genres of music, lending his vocals to smooth, sexy, jazzy house beats and groovy dance tracks and even his first rap song. This guy is seriously turning all things he touches to gold.

One thing that amazes me about him is his determination, good voice and a little GoodLuck. He was an ordinary guy with big dreams and was not going to allow the industry to turn him away.He stuck to his guns and was not going to give up until he got that number 1 Hit!  A few months ago his dream came true his first single off his album The Rush, No Ordinary Guy went to the no.1 spot on the 5fm top 40 countdown and today he makes another dream come true by being live on radio with DJ Fresh. The best part is he wrote this on a his dream wall 3 years ago and today it came true.

Everything no matter what your dream is, be it big or small it can be achieved with hard work, determination and lots of faith and prayer.I leave you with a quote from Mathew Gold’s next single Life is Short. I truely love this song, if Micasa and GoodLuck had a baby it would be this song lol.

Life is short , you can’t run from it, just enjoy it!


cherry ♥

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