Musical Mondays- Taking it Back to the Old School

Another manic Monday for me… my Monday mornings are becoming so busy now that I am back on the train I don’t get to work as early as I used to so I cannot ease into my week. Needless to say this morning I felt like I got dressed in the dark and if you look terrible you feel terrible. So in order to make myself feel a little better I rushed to the nearest store to buy me a pair of opaque tights to make me look a little bit more presentable. In my hurry while putting them in the bathroom stall I manged to rip the one side now I have a ladder going up the one side of my leg lol (Great) While in a rush and angry at myself I sat there and laughed at myself. Things could be worse I guess.  Hope your Mondays are off to a great start… back to the point Musical Mondays!

I absolutely love live music hence my expensive concert addiction. This past Saturday I went old school no literally went to my old high school how nostalgic.

I attended Pinelands High School I actually think it should be called Glee lol we have a few talented peeps that have emerged from the academic institute. Jimmy Nevis, Mathew Gold and Siv Ngesi just to mention a few.  All 3 individuals equally doing great things  in their respective entertainment fields.

Jimmy Nevis  singer songwriter/producer is big all over South Africa and recently breaking into the international market too. His first catchy pop hit elephant shoes  went big and pretty much all his singles there after were hits too. My favorite is his latest song called Balloon. Only 21 and has a great future ahead of him. It was so heart warming to see him come back to his old school where he made the first steps to his career and give back. The kids all loved him there was a slight problem with sound but his fans are die hard he could just stand there and they would go crazy lol


Mathew Gold I think I have spoken about this guy enough on my blog  you can find it here and here. His just amazing and love seeing him come alive on the stage. A good guy with great talents. His cd has just hit stores and iTunes check it out the Rush. I got my hands on a copy and its awesome from smooth melodic sounds too groovy house and electric electronic vibes this man is versatile and can pretty much do it all. Watch out for his next single life is short it’s going to be huge with its Spanish vibe and soulful groove.


Funny man Siv Ngesi  this guy is truly amazing and doing so much his everywhere right now.  His a comedian, actor ,MC, motivational speaker and voice over artist you name it this man can do it. From theater to the big screen no stage is to small for his big personality. I am very fortunate to know him too and see his growth in the entertainment industry has been amazing. If you get a chance to see him in action in one of his one man shows I would really recommend you take it. His known for making light of controversial topics around race with Decaf and Race Card two of his one man shows. We are always going to have real issues in our country and while we cannot fix it lets sit back and laugh about it and that’s exactly what Siv is doing.


It was amazing to see all 3 very different guys come back to Pinelands High and show off their talents with the students and encouraging them to live there dream and if you work hard anything is possible, They even did a  signing and picture opp after. I got my cd signed too not a fan girl I promise lol.


cherry ♥



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