Musical Mondays- Poetic Justice

To kick-start my Concert season this year was Kendrick Lamar (aka benz is to me just a car .) He was in South Africa this weekend and last night was his Cape Town leg of the tour. A group of us went, and we had a blast of a time.


The self-proclaimed King of New York , Kendrick Lamar, performed at Cape Town’s Belville Velodrome on Sunday Evening rocking us with his rhymes!

We were entertained by Reason and Khuli Chana South African Rap Artists to prepare us for the Rap Genius, who, is Kendrick Lamar. He came on pretty late, but I was completely blown away by his presence. He didn’t come across like your stereotypical arrogant rapper. He was all about giving a real performance, pure lyrical madness. His rhymes and style set him apart from the rest of the Rap world in my opinion.

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I am truly a lover of all music and the way one can be expressed through music is amazing just another art form that inspires me. I was always intrigued by the Hip Hop culture and with Courteney being a hip hop dancer, the music is like second nature to us. We grew up on popular culture music and rap.

Every time I write these words they become a taboo
Making sure my punctuation curve
Every letter is true
Living my life in the margin and that metaphor was proof
I’m talking poetic justice, poetic justice
If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?
I mean you need to hear this
Love is not just a verb, It’s you looking in the mirror
Love is not just a verb, It’s you looking poor maybe
Call me crazy, We can both be insane
A fatal attraction is common
And what we have common is pain
I mean you need to hear this
Love is not just a verb and I can see power steering
Sex drive when you swerve, I want that interference
It’s coherent, I can hear it, mmhmm
That’s your heartbeat
It either caught me or it called me, mmhmm
Breathe slow and you’ll find gold mines in these lines
Sincerely, yours truly
And right before you go blind

My favorite track is Poetic justice ( just put it in a song) the lyrics above my favorite verse, To write words like this is truly amazing. Rap music has such negative connotation to it. I wish the rawness and the beauty of the cleverly written lyrics can be more of the focus of rap music than the negativity people perceive it to reveal.That’s what I love about rap Music. I don’t enjoy all the swearing and fast women fast cars easy money business but with Kendrick I appreciate his smart rhymes.

Really enjoyed the concert if you went let me know your thoughts and how you feel about Rap music in general?

Before the concert we had some fun with the camera! (My concert look high waisted denim shorts, crop top and my Nike air max sneakers)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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