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Another week and it is almost the 10th month of the year time is definitely flying. After a weekend of not doing much literally been in the girl cave all weekend with Courteney watching movies and endless series marathons so much so, that I actually started to feel bad that I was not being more productive towards the end of Sunday.(We all need to be lazy and switch off once in a while right…)

I get so excited when Courteney gets asked to dance at the Expresso Morning show I just love that show so much. For those of you that do not know what it is; It is a morning breakfast show in South Africa. The studio is in Cape Town in a penthouse,  its a news and lifestyle show bringing you everything you need to know to kick your day off good. They often host South African and International acts so its not your average news boring show it caters for everyone.  I try my best to tag along when Out of Africa Dance Academy gets asked to dance, It’s an early wake up call but so much fun and the vibe is super awesome.

Today the girls had the opportunity to dance back up for Ross Jack.

South African born and raised between Spain, Britain and South Africa, Ross Jack’s international roots come through in his polished, cosmopolitan, urban sound. Having just completed his debut full length album, “Notes from the Wild” – working between his studio in South Africa and in the UK – the album seamlessly embraces styles from Hip-hop, pop and dance hall to boss nova grooves and Dubstep.

His single Seven 45 got him to the #3 spot on the 5FM Top 40. building on the momentum from the success from his debut album” Notes from the Wild”  the merge from producer to Hip Hop artist was magical. His latest hit TV’S IN THE SWIMMING POOL got him to-that #1 Spot on the 5FM Top 40 countdown His new track to follow; Home Safe ft. Australian born Kat Winter is nothing but awesome.

I will put videos down below and some pictures behind the scenes on set so you can have a look and a listen. Also feel free to let me know what you think. If you have not read my previous post, when we were at the Exprosso show before  check it out here.

The sun is finally out in Cape Town and that glimpse of spring is upon us finally!!(hoping it lasts) Have a great day all!!


Cherry ♥

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