Musical Mondays turned into Motivational Monday

I will admit I have been so busy lately with office renovations, planning a holiday to visit my bestfriend and all my other extra credit job ventures. That I considered not writing this blog post, but i made a deal that I would do a musical Monday’s blog post every Monday. If you know me I am a girl of my word so as i am sitting in my bed after this long crazy Monday of emotions, I realised that writing this is just what I need to do.

In my busyness I did not find a band or singer to inspire my thoughts today or lift up my mood I wished I had the time actually.( right now I am thinking of a song to pick up my mood) So I decided to turn this into motivational Monday actually self-motivation is what I need right now.

After a crazy week of looking at flights getting quotes and thinking where am I going to get the money to pay for this holiday. My friend found hope and yesterday after reviewing all our options we found a good deal we could all afford. Then Monday (today) happened and the returning flight is fully booked just our luck. Just as I could see the light of at the end of the tunnel the oasis in the desert the financial curse fall back into my lap. How I am i going to pay for these tickets as it is now R2000 (ZAR) over my budget and the longer we put this off the pricier it gets.

Felling pretty demotivated at this point as yesterday I finally had a glimpse of hope that it would all work out…The last thing I want to do is ask my parents to help me out they have enough going on. So here I sit trying to convince myself that it will all work out and just have faith.  I am a worrier by nature (something I need to work on I know) and spending all my hard earned saved up cash for a flight is so not me thinking how am I going to survive the rest of the month.

Too many this may sound like; why you crying over money for a holiday yes it may sound superficial. To me this is something more, I want to prove to myself that with sacrifice and hard work, rewards will come. I want to work towards a goal that I can truly say I have earned and most importantly too see my bff who I have promised to visit. (A girl of my word)

So here I sit trying not to worry and let God sort it out for me and I will continue to keep my faith strong.  Nothing without a struggle is ever worth it and I am hoping when I am in Thailand knowing I have accomplished a goal that it will make the experience even better.


Cherry ♥

Bff in Thailand
Bff in Thailand

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