My Favorite Movie of All Time

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies but lately it’s been taken over by series. I watch anything i can get my hands on. There is just so many to watch that I cannot keep up, so when I manage to increase my concentration span for approximately 90 minutes, it’s a joy to actually watch something good.

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I follow many blogs and love getting lost in the world of fashion and beauty the awesome pictures makes me smile as I honestly love beautiful clothes and the way these bloggers present them with their photography.

I have noticed the latest fall/autumn trends the layered shirts and jersey/jumpers, plaid jackets, skirts and over the knee boots. This all taking me back to the 90’s and my favorite chick flick movie of all time Clueless. I can remember hiring this movie from the video store I could have been 10 years old and my life changed my love for fashion was born. I dreamt I was Cher (Alicia Silverstone) the main actress and I watched that movie so many times I could have re watched it about 100 times. I could recite the words as they were spoken that’s how intimately I knew the movie.

The latest trends just reminded me of this movie and took me back to my childhood  a tad bit of nostalgia if you would. The opening scene where Cher is searching on her computer to look at her wardrobe to put an outfit together. I remember thinking that was absolutely the coolest thing ever.

The fashion was over the top and loving it the makeover scene with Tie (Brittany Murphy lord rest her soul) was the best part the mini skirt thigh high socks/stockings  high heels always been a fan totes loving it. I see it all coming back into fashion now.

As it becomes hotter and more summery this side of the equator this makes me excited for Fall/autumn 2014 too try out these trends. So for now I will oogle and go gaga over all the clueless inspired fashion and I think i need to watch this movie again… As If….lol

Let me know if you love this movie too and if you liking these fashion trends.


Cherry ♥

My Fashion Inspired Movie – Clueless
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Picture Source; Atlantic- Pacific
Kylie Jenner Rocking a Clueless fall look.
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Picture Source; Atlantic- Pacific

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