My NekNomination

The latest craze to hit the social space is NekNomination; where you down a drink doing something wacky film it and nominate two more people to do something equally as crazy film it within 24 hours, and nominate 2 more people and so the chain continues. Check out what this amazing South African guy did. I love it!#ChangeStartsWithYou

So one of my best friends which now lives in London decided to Neknominate me and yes I had no idea this was coming. He is very clever that he lives so far so I cannot kill him in person (I still love you).

I being me, and wanting to accept the challenge I did things my way without downing a beer but instead I decided to share Happiness. Check out the video .

Thank You to Courteney for filming and editing the video. Thank you Calum Curry for NekNominating me and Good Luck to Kyle Anthony and Nic Manshon you have 24 hours to make it happen. #RandomactofKindness or #DownaBeer

(Music used in the video is MathewGold’s latest single Life is short)

Participating in this challenge and doing it my way, took me out of my comfort zone as I hate being in front of the camera. Doing something good for the two people I met on the streets near where I live who needed food was amazing and even brought a tear to my eye. Yes, this was a challenge and something fun to do but I hope people watching this get inspired to do more Random Acts of Kindness.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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