My Night with the Rap God – Eminem Rapture Tour 2014-South Africa


Marshall Mathers is captivating sweat dripping from his brow manically jumping around with eyes bulging and lips moving indecipherably… –

I cannot contain my excitement, last night I had such a great time. I am a huge lover of Hip Hop Music and Eminem has been a wish of mine to see live for many years now. I loved him from the beginning days of I am Slim Shady through all the baby mama drama and the B rabbit 8 mile stage the relapse saga and then clean from drugs stage right to now being the self proclaimed Rap God of Hip Hop music.

Every song he performed either triggered a childhood rebellious memory or present day memory. That’s what I love about music the memories it brings and the crazy lyrics in his case most of them,rather crude, but you have to love his witty sense of humour to poke fun at people in the industry that in most cases take themselves too seriously.

His as real as it gets, not afraid to say it like it is, and he speaks about his issues. I read somewhere yesterday that said; turn your pain into purpose. I feel like Eminem has been through the ringer, and he made people aware of what he went through in a lyrical way. It got peoples attention, and it made him the Man he is today. 41 and still looking like he did 15 years ago. His music as eefed up as it may seem his just as messed up as all of us nobody no matter how hard we try will ever have everything always figured out. We can be good people, but bad things will happen so be brave like Eminem turn your pain into purpose.

I am not saying go bat shit cray like him his abit extreme, and there is only one Eminem. I am saying learn to be brave, face your issues and through dealing with it.You may discover things about yourself you never knew. Writing music is a therapeutic release, I write this blog as my platform to release my thoughts , insecurities and things I love. By being brave, I may help someone dealing with the same issues I managed to overcome.

So even if you not a die hard fan like me last night was the best Birthday present ever Golden Circle ticket winning. I could see him the best memories remembering all the old songs watching him jump around the stage as a crazy and sweating in the crazy Cape Town heat all worth it, and I will do it all again 10 times over!

If you went or seen him before let me know what you thought of his performance. ( Check out my Instagram for pictures and Videos!)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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