My Singleness

I want to welcome everyone here new and old I hope you all like the new changes! If you are new, please feel free to stay and look around, read, share, comment and follow me on all my socials. I would really like this to be a place where I can connect with like-minded people and create a community of travel and all the messy things life throws our way.

For those that may not know I am 31 years old, I said it no more lying. With this age comes many questions about my single relationship status. So I hope this little post clarifies why I am single right now.

My singleness has allowed me so much freedom, freedom in the sense of self-discovery and self-love. Things I don’t think I would be able to do if I were in a relationship because when there are 2 people involved I always tend to put myself last and forgetting my own needs at times even though I know that this is not good for the relationship to be healthy too. That’s one of the many things I have learned now being single.

Being single has made me more independent, now the simple task of opening a jar or changing a light bulb becomes my sole responsibility, and when I complete these mundane tasks, it’s as if I get riddled with an enormous rush of Girl Power #thefutureisfemale, and my feminism endorphins get fueled with fire.

It’s also allowed me to discover many things on my own. Things I like and don’t like without having to compromise with another person. This could be good and bad because I am so used to not having to compromise with another person.

Being single has taught me my self-worth the things I should never compromise like self-love, my spiritual beliefs in God and my moral compass of right and wrong. Things that we take for granted when we are not secure in oneself to understand what makes us tick, especially in those early years of self-discovery. Entering adulthood already comes with so much we never get taught at school. So it’s a lot of new discoveries that we tend to learn through trial and error.

My singleness has made me this fantastic, confident woman I am today, and I know I could not have become the woman I am becoming if I were in a relationship.

So yes my nights are sometimes lonely, and I do wish to surprise my family when they ask the dreaded question have you met anyone yet? And I know my clock is ticking. But I am not ready and will never be prepared to settle for anything less than what I am worth and if that leaves me single for more years to come then so be it.

I know God has a plan for my future if it means I will be single I will call it a blessing, and if he sends me King to join my Queendom, then that’s a blessing too.

So to all my female singles take off your bras throw it in the fire, and rejoice for this is the time when we can dedicate to learning and loving ourselves and become a better you every day. Start falling in love with yourself and the life you are living. Go and try something new and don’t let the fact that you are single define the fantastic person you are!

Like RuPaul says;” If You Can’t Love Yourself How in the Hell Are You Gonna Love Somebody Else??

Peace Love and Happiness







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    1. Thank you so much I wish more people used their singleness in this way instead of longing for a partner the right person will come at the right time!

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