My Vietnam


My Vietnam from the moment I arrived you welcomed me with open arms a solo traveler with no plan but the vast beauty of your country to explore. Your people touched me with your kind nature and even when I was feeling ill I didn’t feel more at peace and at home.

My first encounter with the street was shock horror I remember my very first night as if it was yesterday sitting at a corner cafe and just watching bikes and more bikes shooting off in all directions. I just sat there gobsmacked that I haven’t witnessed an accident yet. But yet in this madness and chaoticness things seem to work!

I had know idea what I thought Vietnam would be like, a big village not as build up as it actually is, that was a huge surprise for me. Getting to explore the beauty of Halong Bay seeing thousands of untouched islands swimming in your warm sea and running my toes through the sand was a good treat again.

Waking up every morning and hoping someone would not shake me awake and this heaven on earth was all but a dream because that’s what every moment felt like a dream.

I sat on your boat in disbelief of the beauty I was seeing trying to capture every moment on my camera so I can explain it to friends and family back home, but the pictures don’t do it justice at all. I remember getting a little teary as I looked out at the sea and thanked the power of the heavens above for giving me the courage and strength to take a leap of faith.  To cross the road and give up the comforts of home for landscapes not even dreams could capture so vividly!

That was all only on day three now three weeks in and the eve of my departure I am filled with bittersweet emotions because around the next corner something else awaits me.

I have made real relationships with people quickly had deep talks about everything, and nothing more than my entire life in China could capture, this trip has given me a new found confidence and I am living for each moment, cherishing every second as I don’t want these memories ever to fade.

I thank you Vietnam for your beauty your kind people and yes everything isn’t perfect but for allowing me to have this amazing experience I thank you and I will be back!!

A glimpse of how a country can touch you when you open to trying new things being positive and allowing people in. Traveling alone can be scary but also one of the best experiences you can have. Next post I will give you a run down on the places I visited.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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  1. Glad to hear that Vietnam has treated you well. It’s such a beautiful country to travel to and the people… they are so warm-hearted and welcoming. Looking forward to seeing your coming posts.

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