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Every year instead of making new year resolutions that I never keep. I decided about three years ago to come up with a theme for my year so it kinda sets the tone on what I want out of the year ahead.

Three years ago I completed my Marketing degree and started my first real world job . My theme for that year was get busy living. My favorite South African djs are Goldfish and I had recently seen them perform more times than I can count. (Groupie) At that time I had just bought their latest cd and one of the songs that resonated with me was called get busy living. Oh boy did I get busy living that year. I truly lived up to my theme. I attended every concert, went away as much as I could, partied every weekend, I just did it all. So much so that my body was over worked and run down by the end of the year lol (note to self do not take the theme that literal lol)

In 2012 my theme was Time for Change. I hated my job, I was so depressed had all sorts of illnesses, it was just a very low time in my life. I left my real world job in search of something new. Saved up cash to hold me over for a few months and searched long and hard for a new job, new direction, new anything. During this time I learnt alot about myself and definitely knew what I didn’t want to do.

My relationship with my sister Courteney grew to what it is now in this time. As I was her soccer mom picking her up from school taking her to extra mural activities making lunch ect bestfriends cannot describe our bond right now. 6 months at home and I eventually found a job I signed up to be a digital Intern at a digital agency, pay was so bad but I was getting more frustrated sitting at home. Even with a degree it was so tough finding some sort of work. 1 year later and I am still at that job. The people are amazing and the work we do is brilliant. I moved up from intern to office Manager and fairly happy with the direction that things are moving.

My theme for 2013 was turning dreams into reality. I found what makes my heart skip a beat my visual interest in the digital space exploded. My obsession with YouTube increased, I even met 5 Youtubers I would watch online and only dream about meeting. I helped Courteney create her own YouTube channel. I started CherryHeartsBlog and my love for words and pictures finally had a platform where I can express everything and people actually read it and like it (still in shock every time I get a like or comment.) I started working 3 jobs, my actual agency job, babysitting, Marketing and PR at Out of Africa Dance Academy. I saved and hustled hard to visit my bestfriend in Thailand and it all worked out. All my hard work and sacrifices finally paid off and turned into the best experience of my life. How can forget I lost like 6kg on a crazy diet and I have still managed to keep the pounds off.

So 2013 has been a wild ride for my family and I. We have gone through hell and back but we in recovery now. As much as God dealt us a testing hand of cards I think we came out on top. We so much closer and united as a family. My Dad has more time for us now we speak to each other not at each other. We still fight like all families do but we love each other more so now than ever before.

So now we on day 9 of 2014 can you believe it, 8 days gone already. Minus my illness this years been good to me, I am so proud of myself for working towards something and reaching my travel goal. I plan to travel at least once every year. (God willing)

My theme for this year is MAKE IT HAPPEN 2014!!! I want to do more, see more and experience more in all aspects of my life. I am not getting any younger.( cannot believe I am already a year older I will do a birthday post soon) So here’s to many more adventures 2014 may throw my way, I will take it like a women and even when life gets me own I will stand up and say Make it Happen.

Let me know what your 2014 resolutions and themes are, I am always eager to know what you guys are planning and thinking.

Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥




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