Nothing is Ever Easy but it Sure will be Worth it!

I have good news and I am so excited for the future right now. The last few days has been so hectic trying to rattle my brain around booking these flight tickets to Thailand after enough back and forth with travel agents and re looking at flights…. On Wednesday my ticket was booked thanks so much to the support of my family I would not be able to do this without them.. (thanking the lord Furiously)What a huge sigh of relief and to make it that much better I am going with two of my oldest friends(the originals Aniko and Stacey) I am over joyed and cannot wait to leave right now.

We have been friends for over 10 years and we the kind of friends that no matter what happens in life when we get together we put our differences aside and can pick up right where we left off. This trip is going to be very interesting an adventure I am looking forward too. we either going to kill each other or be the best friends in the world when we get back lol Too top it all off I will be in Bangkok to celebrate Christmas with my long lost Gypsy T’Nielle who I will be visiting whilst in Bangkok!!

Wednesday evening we all got together to celebrate that this is actually happening and book our internal flight from Bangkok to Phuket online. We left Stacey in charge of this and on the booking form my first name was my surname and my surname was my first name ooops! Shame she felt so bad about this but  we have 4 months to fix it luckily but Google saved our lives and thanks to the wonders of  social networks we could tweet @askairasia and they sorted it out in no time.(we love twitter)

 So now we get to plan the fun stuff on a budget we want to be brave and try and not plan too much living  the adventure and kinda just go with the flow. So we going to book our first 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok and then once we get there book the rest and I am sure we can get it at a steal too. So here’s to starting my first official chapter of living the adventure like my friend Louis Cole would say the ultimate Nomad.

Here we go back to saving all over again. I have always been good with my money but me like any girl, a good pair of shoes staring you in the face whispering buy me in my ear is always my weakness. (guilty pleasure) But I will resist any form of temptation keeping my eye on the prize! Its going to be really tough as I am concert and festival addict too and it’s that time of the year coming soon. I will admit I do suffer from summer time FOMO (Fear of missing out) Let the force be with me as I embark on the next phase.


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Flight Correction Yeah!
Flight Correction Yeah!

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