Off to the Amusement Park we Go!

Last week a group of teachers local and foreign decided to go the Hangzhou amusement park. Waking up early and heading out on an adventure was just what I needed as I sill feel like such a foreigner in this city.

The journey took us a bus ride in peak time, and a train ride later taking us about an hour to get to the area where the amusement park is.We then had to navigate ourselves to the actual park. Walking to the bus stop, a women convinced us to go with her, she had a van and would take us for the same price of as a bus. We all agreed and got lead to a dodgy looking van like we were about to get Kidnapped Lol Jokes aside we arrived alive…

With very little idea of what to expect we were all excited to get in and see what this place was all about.Since its October and the month of Halloween, the park was decorated in a Halloween theme. They had actors dressed like zombies scaring people and doing random flash mobs from time to time.

The first ride we went on was the Rollercoaster it’s not very big and its very quick. It was fun, but you move around a lot and can be very painful. The rides in the park are very mediocre. Nothing too crazy and even our Rangtanga Junction back home in Cape Town can beat this place, but it was fun to see and experience and be out with friends.

One thing that’s for sure is Chinese People get scared so quickly.There is a haunted house in the park, but it’s a dark house with a few rooms you walk around in with a few scary props here and there. It was so silly not scary at all, and our Chinese friends that were with us were so scared it was crazy a real good laugh.

If you have been to any other amusement park, you will really laugh at this one it is very lame. I enjoyed being out and having to see it and go on all the rides reminded me of being kid again.

I would say this place is to be enjoyed in a group so you can maximize your fun, but I wouldn’t recommend going if you alone. It was a fun day out and especially working the way we do in the week when it comes to down time we need to let our hair down and have some fun.

So overall I enjoyed the day out but will give Hangzhou Paradise a 4/10 based on rides and entertainment value.

Let me know the best amusement park you have ever been too in the comments. Hope you all are well and welcome to all my new subscribers Thank you for joining my adventures in China and who knows where else I may end up….

Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥


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