8 Reasons Why having a Support System is Important.

Hello all you Sun-Kissed Souls Hope you are all well! Today I am sharing why I think having a support system is so important. I hope you can find some value in this post as I have seen so much value in my support system. What does a support system mean to you? Recently while […]

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My 6 favorite Spots to Visit in Busan

Follow me as i discover the best spots to visit in the MegaCity Of Busan South Korea. Not only will i svae you time and help you from not getting lost in this Big coastal city they will also hlep you create good memories and capture great pictures with breath taking views from these beautiful iconic sites.

Hey all you Sun- Kissed Souls I have recently come back from a little solo trip to Busan I used to travel solo often but I haven’t gone on a break by myself in awhile needless to say it was well overdue and the timing could not have been more on point. I have visited […]

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Model Citizen Mag – Interview

A month ago I was approched on  Instagram by a photograpic student at the university here in Daegu to do a beauty editorial shoot for her grad project. I always love to help out struggling students as it was not that long ago I found myself in the same boat.  After sharing the pictures from […]

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8 Realistic Wellness Healthstyle Tips

Hello, all you Sun-Kissed Souls. Today I am sharing my 8 personal,realistic, Wellness Healthstyle Tips, to help you cultivate your own good habits. I am no guru on this specific topic and can only speak from my personal experience. Disclaimer I am not perfect I fall off the bandwagon often I beat myself up for […]

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Feel the feeling until it no longer requires to be felt.

Hello All you Sun Kissed Souls This week I have been feeling a little out of it and just need a moment of reflection a step back and acknowledge all I have done this year and maybe appreciate all my efforts. Queue another amazing quote. ” Feel the feeling until it no longer requires to […]

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Hoi An the City of lights and tailored clothes

Hello all you Beautiful Sun-kissed Souls This week I am sharing my experience in Hoi An and my favorite thing to do especially on my travels is shopping. I love picking up unique pieces and there is no better place than Hoi An where you can get things custom made. So you can imagine I […]

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