I randomly stumbled across this new Red Bull #THESHOW. ( it poped up on my newsfeed thanks to Facebook) What is this you may ask, in my opinion it is genius, take your Instagram pics and turn it into an online video art gallery for all to see. Think of it as a pop up show and it is all done in a matter of minutes.

Just another way the creative minds at Red Bull used an already popular platform like Instagram to leverage off and take there brand to the next level well done to the developers behind this job.  As seamless and quick as it seems I am sure the guys behind the scenes coding and developing this had sleepless nights so well done to the very clever team and  the clever marketing team for creating something so awesome.

It is as simple as clicking on this link (here) click sign in with Instagram and wait a few minutes you will have a video art gallery with all your pictures displayed  click here to check mine out!

Have some fun and try it out, leave the link to your videos in the comments I will love to see them.


Watch your photos become a global sensation overnight in this documentary video

red bull


Cherry ♥

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