Returning to Vietnam was like Visiting an Old Friend.

Hello all you sun-kissed Souls

I am fresh from my Vietnam trip and still can’t beleive its over. All good things must come to end they say…SIGH! This is my recap post but will do more posts in more detail in the comming weeks so stay tuned for that! If there is anything you would love to know about Vietnam please comment down below or send me a message.

As I set foot back on Vietnamese soil, I felt like I was saying hello to an old friend wandering around the Old Quarter of Hanoi was like time stood still experiencing it then and now it all felt so unreal. Hanoi has such a charm to it. It’s busy it’s noisy and also calming. There is a chaotic calmness to its appeal. If you have been let me know what your first impression of this crazy beautiful city was like.

I could sit for hours on the streets and just watch the world pass me by being fascinated with all the bikes buzzing pass all the hooting and people wandering the streets. There is just something magical about this crazy city, and I can see why people can get drawn to its energy.

A three-hour drive further up north you get the beauty that is Ha Long Bay. Thousands of limestone islands form this beauty scattered across the ocean. This Unesco world heritage site is one breathtaking one. Just sailing through this landscape is one worth ticking off the bucket list.

Head down to the middle of Vietnam you will find the city by the sea. Da Nang I am so drawn to seaside cities; I think it must be the Cape Town in me. You get that seaside city feeling, life seems less stressful and chaotic its way less noisy but equally as charming. The beautiful dragon bridge magically lit up at night, and watching people dancing on the promenade just gives me that chilled out life feeling. This feeling I miss so much.

Then head next door to Hoi An the most beautiful gem of all time. The city that stole my heart 2 years ago and took my breath away this time around too. It’s quaint French style architecture filled with Hoi Ans incredible handcrafted lanterns is like magic to the eye especially at night when the city comes to light. There are hundreds of little shops selling everything and tailors on every corner making the most amazing things. Just show them a picture, and these talented seamstresses can make you the most amazing garments in hours.

Then just 30 minutes from the town to the port you get to speedboat across to Chum Island and see this fantastic little fishing village in the middle of the ocean now packed with tourists visiting but once before home to many fishermen and their families living that simple fisherman life. We had a relaxing afternoon after a tour around the island snorkeling and lunching on Sunny Island a smaller island just next door to the central Chum Island. I could have spent a good few days here but due to a short time traveling it was beautiful to see even just for an afternoon.

Then make your way down to the historic Ho Chi Mihn City formally known as Saigon. I love how green Vietnam is, and the big cities are still filled with parks and its beautiful architecture. You will get that big city feeling from this place lots more traffic and things happening all around you. It’s a real feast for the eyes. Visiting the war museum was so heartbreaking, there is really no winner in war. I felt that somberness in my soul as I read through the war stories and looked at the pictures. Even going back to the Cu Chi tunnels and listening to the tour guide Mr. Bean a former veteran of the war the same tour guide I had two years ago was very fascinating but something I still can’t imagine living through.

I experienced it all this trip back to Vietnam very short but oh so sweet, I felt my soul come alive again seeing all that God has created and how he paved out my path on this trip a true soulful travel experience was had by me and all those I had the opportunity to reconnect with.

I found this quote that made so much sense for my return trip to Vietnam.

Sometimes things make more sense the second time around. People chnage, you change and the universe changes, if we keep ourselves confined to first chances only, we will truly miss out on some of the most beautiful things in life.

By Rania Naim

Let me know if you have visited Vietnam before or if you would like to visit and what you would love to see?
Stay tuned for more Vietnam stories, my Itenary, and recommendations on places to stay and things to do.

Peace,Love, and Happiness


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