Small Steps to Great Success

People often  say I am wise beyond my age and Courteney gets that often too and she is only 15. We get the old soul wise spirit from our mother. Being a big sister I always tell Courteney not to rush life and enjoy being young and carefree. My only advice I would give a 15 year old version of myself would be, not to worry about things you cannot control and say yes to more things even if you scared. Not taking opportunities given to me when I was younger will be my biggest regret.

I still struggle with confidence and self belief often thinking I am not good enough and need constant praise to help me along the way. We not all perfect and that’s my biggest  flaw I guess. I know it will only harm myself and I cannot say I am getting much better at it but I am aware of it.

I often look at friends moving up in the workplace and doing good traveling having their own businesses and think I wish I could be more of a risk taker. It is just really hard for me to do it. I can preach it to everyone else but when it comes to me, I am stuck. at the starting block head filled with ideas but nothing to push me forward.

Getting older is not helping me either… I am a worrier by nature and not that careless let’s charge and conquer the troops kinda warrior. I worry about all sorts of things. I have become better  over the years and realised I cannot control everything and when things happen deal with it then. So far that approach has been working out pretty well for me. When in doubt I pray, my faith has helped me tremendously. What you learn at school does not help you with life at all and all I remember from University are the long holidays oh how I  miss those days.( I did learn a lot at uni but not life lessons) You have to live life to learn the lessons you can’t be taught.

Even putting CherryHeartsblog together has helped me discover how much I enjoy writing, I know my grammar sucks and that has always shied me away from publishing something. I am taking a risk and realised it’s not as scary as I imagined. It’s all about small steps to great success and I am learning to grab more opportunities and intern I am hoping it will help with my confidence.

So I hope to be a success and leave great legacy behind one day but for now I will work on my inner issues and continue taking those small steps.



Cherry ♥


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