So we Felt like the Only Girls In the World @ Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour Last Night!


So the most anticipated concert hit Cape Town‘s shores last night Rihanna dazzled us with her Diamonds world tour. To many a critic from her first show in Johannesburg on Sunday night  we put all the mixed reviews behind us and headed off to have a fun night out.

Courteney was super excited as I mentioned before I had surprised her with a ticket as an early birthday present and how Ironic yesterday marked exactly a month before she turns sweet 16! Like Riri would say It’s not even my Birthday lol but we partied and sang along like it was!!

I am a frequent concert goer and usually head down to Cubana which is on route to the stadium for a preparty and watched everyone walk by all happy and excited. 5FM hosted  a  preparty  there so it was busy with loads of people and many a RiRi lookalikes. Courteney and I even got a picture with DJ Fresh.

pic20131017121731 (2)

The concert was seriously great we enjoyed it all from the walk to the stadium. She was awesome live. I know many people said she lip synced and could have danced more and sang more and did a costume change. Minus all of that I think it was amazing we sang along to every song. I loved that she did some old songs too. The crowd was very diverse from old to young kids. Generally I think it was just a fun night out minus everything the critics had to say.

The last two songs Stay and  Diamonds was my highlight and one of the many songs I love. All in all too me it was one of the better concerts I have been too in awhile. I honestly think people should relax and have more fun everyone has there own opinion, overall I think she did a good job  and felt satisfied after the concert.  Courteney enjoyed her early birthday present and danced and sang her heart out!

Keep posted for a RIRi Concert inspired Look Post. if you went to the concert or seen her live performance before please let me know you thoughts!


Cherry ♥

Destination Cape Town Stadium
Destination Cape Town Stadium
Ready to pour it up for RiRi
Ready to pour it up for RiRi
Good Girls got it bad for Rihanna!
Good Girls got it bad for Rihanna!
Stadium Filling Up
Lights Camera Action!
It's not even my Birthday!
It’s not even my Birthday! RiRi Fun

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