So we have reached one Year

Happy anniversary is in order 1 year today. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.

I remember starting this29e95db7bd8f07313c13b6ec1a92a2d7 blog a year ago being all excited and not knowing what I was embarking on. The world of words and stories based on things I do, lessons I have learnt in life that I share and sharing this space with my sister and all of you who read our rambles has been a blessing.

I created this blog to be a sanctuary of creativity and I know of late content has been minimal only because my foc
us has been elsewhere but that soon shall pass and we will be back creating good content I hope you all will want to read.

Things are starting to change in the cherryhearts world and change is a good thing. With the change, new life will be put into this place, and it will be good, new ideas and new creations and new things to learn. I am excited for what lies ahead

Things may change, but my hope for this space stays the same that through ordinary girls like Courteney and I we will continue to do extraordinary things and inspire all those who read this blog. Thank you all for following and liking and commenting. I hope that we continue to grow into the future and our common ground continues to connect us into the future.

Peace love and Happiness

 Cherry ♥

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  1. Congrats Cherryheartsblog! Well done for persevering through all the highs and lows. Excited to see what lies ahead. Here’s to another year of fun, adventure, lessons learnt and wisdom shared, whoohoo!!

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