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How meditation changed my life

My story

Hello, Beautiful Souls! Today I would like to share how Meditation has changed my life and invite you to try this modality with me. Back in 2019 when I enrolled in my hungry for happiness coaching certification. This was when I started to meditate regularly. I dabbled in and out of meditation for years prior…

Are you afraid of being vulnerable?


Happy #WellnessWednesday! Are you afraid of being vulnerable, honest, open, real and raw not only with yourself but with others too? In today’s video, I get real and raw, as I keep investing more time in me I get to make peace with more of me. I look at those I admire and see how …

A story of Self Discovery that led me to my purpose HerSunkissedSoul Coaching

A story of self-discovery

Hi Beautiful soul, It’s time to bring the blog back and I thought I will give you an overview of where I am at now. In 2018 I revamped this blog changed the name and everything in 2018 amid my life-changing awakening HerSunKissedSoul was born. I was reborn recommitted myself to myself and I was …

A Trip that Changed my life 1 Year later- Welcome to the Holy Land

The Holy Land

Hello all you Sunkissed Souls I know it’s been a hot minute since I have been here but here I am! Let’s do a quick recap, I am currently sitting in Cape Town back in my childhood home. I moved back in with my parents after one could say a tumultuous 2019 but then again, …

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