Sun City Summer Holiday Trip 2014


While I was gallivanting in the tropical paradise of Thailand ( check it out here) My family went to Sun City for a week of fun in the sun and relaxation. Last year was a tough year for my family many ups and downs, but we made it to 2014. These holidays were exactly what we needed to put the past in the past and focus on the next chapter being 2014.

I know it is almost the end of March already the first three months of the year seemed like it went by in a flash and we all back into the routine of school, work and life.

After weeks of asking Courteney to load her Sun City Video, she finally made time to put it together in her busy life. I have never been to Sun City Courteney went at the beginning of last year with my Mom for a dance Competition, and when they came back they could not stop talking about how amazing it is. So they were excited to take Dad along as they knew he would just love it.

Lazy days spent poolside and a walk in the forest to game drives shows and many fun adventures. Since I was not around to join the family holiday Courteney’s boyfriend Kyle joined in the fun. Check out the awesome video below and some cool pics from the trip!

If you have been to Sun City let me know if you enjoyed it… I will be adding it to my adventure list.

Courteney is motivated and amped, and we have awesome ideas to add more cool videos to her Youtube channel so please check it out and subscribe for some cool content coming soon!!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥


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