Another 10km BIG WALK in the Bag!

As most of you know if you have been reading my posts I am not the sporty type at all so the best way to get me to exercise is to make it fun and then throw in a good course too. The annual Discovery Big Walk took ┬áplace on Sunday thousands of people participate. […]

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Explore Cape Town – Cat Parks and Wine Farms

Lately since I have been furiously saving for my Thailand Trip (2 months away) I become rather boring or lets call it less active and spend more weekends at home then out on the town. That changed this weekend past. On Saturday I visited a few places actually. My dear friend bought vouchers ages ago […]

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Explore Cape Town With Us – Market Madness

Cape Town is known for its gorgeous weather and terrible storms no wonder it was nicknamed Cape of Storms when first discovered all those thousands of years ago. While Cape Town is still trying to get the memo that it needs to transition from winter to spring we got blessed with some blue sky’s on […]

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