A little Motivational Monday

So with great excitement… You guessed it we reached our first Blog Goal 100 Followers on Saturday! I didn’t do anything too crazy this weekend went to a Photography class at Vega on Saturday learned so much so best I keep practicing what I learned. It felt strange to be in a lecture theatre again […]

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Why we are Here – A Reminder to Me and You

I read somewhere that January is the month of living in the clouds because it’s a new year, and you make all these promises to yourself. So you pretty happy because you have not given up on yourself just yet. I have been beaming with excitement ever since I got home from my trip. I […]

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Blogging 101 – A Newbie to this World

I am new to this world of blogging and honestly sometimes I am not particularly sure what I’m doing actually most of the time. This new found passion of mine has opened my eyes to view things I see everyday differently I have highlighted topics I feel passionate about that before maybe never really understood.The […]

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