The Big Suprise – A life Update

Hello, All you beautiful Sun- Kissed Souls! Sorry, I have been so busy and I am about to explain it all below to get you all in the loop. Trying to navigate real life, travel life and blogging has been a struggle BUT NO MORE EXCUSES! So let’s get this update going…. Where have I […]

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Look Post|Ring My Wedding bells

Saturday past, I attended a wedding my Cousins wedding; it was very beautiful indeed. It was a little scary because it was the first one to tie the knot out of my actual cousins so you can imagine how the conversion among my family went down. Who will be next Lol I guess that is […]

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Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had good weekends, mine was surprisingly busy as the festive season picks up it commonly starts getting filled with functions and things one kinda cannot not attend. Since I booked my flight for my holiday in August (27days before I am off)  I have been kinda lying low trying to save […]

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