The Hardest Parts of Living Abroad!

Today’s post is a little dedication to my Family back in Cape Town South Africa may today 12/04/2018 be a day filled with happy tears as you all celebrate the strong women that Granny was as you lay her down to rest! This is the life I chose, and it’s become what I know, and I […]

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RAW Post |Summer Time Sadness

Hope everyone is well and ready for another week. This is a different post than normal, no fancy pictures or videos. Just me talking to you a raw post. Over the weekend, I heard the most tragic news. An old friend of mine died in a freak accident not sure on all the details, but […]

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Love Drugs and the Rock’n Roll Warped Perception of Life #lifeisshort

I think today’s post may be abit deep I have been raving on about various things Courteney and I have been doing lately  and yes it’s been awesome and sincerely hope you have been enjoying it. I am a deep creature by nature and my family says sometimes I can be really blunt and harsh […]

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