The Hardest Parts of Living Abroad!

Today’s post is a little dedication to my Family back in Cape Town South Africa may today 12/04/2018 be a day filled with happy tears as you all celebrate the strong women that Granny was as you lay her down to rest! This is the life I chose, and it’s become what I know, and I […]

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My First 547.5 Days in Korea!

I have wanted to write this for ages but just didn’t know where to start you know… So much has happened in the last year and a half that I still don’t quite know how to put that all together but anyways here is my attempt. When I arrived and settled into my city made […]

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At What Cost…

Life is a strange thing. People often telling you live each day as if it’s your last. For some people it is very easy because what they do everyday is something that they love doing and for those that have found it you are truly blessed. For many people finding a job to just make […]

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