My Thoughts for the New Year!

I want to live free of condemnation, free from fear, free from shame and free from guilt. I want joy and love to come from my most vulnerable self because this is when I am free to be my authentic self. I want to to be able to walk into a room with the confidence …

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Hello May

Early morning greetings by the cold crisp air as I leave the house to set out on my daily routine. All while it is still dark outside the clear indication that the last month of autumn and the wintry cold months are approaching fast and just like that, we say Hello to May and goodbye …

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Hard Work!

Life is all about hard work, through school University, and the real world nothing is ever easy unless you a born a Kardashion lol (even they work hard for their money.) My point is there is no easy way to the top. The difference is you can be a slave to pay bills or you …

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