I am No Relationship Guru

So I never really talk about me in personal romantic kinda way (not much to say)more in an ambitious what I want out of life kinda way if that even makes sense lol What I mean by that is I have been filling my life with career plans, creative blog plans and travel plans for […]

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Expanding Waistlines, a Dream Body one Vicious Cycle

Have you ever dreamt of being a  extremely stunning with a body like model, that whatever you placed on your bod it automatically looked liked you stepped off the catwalk of New York fashion week.  If only… I know it is not as glamorous as we perceive, but the thought of wearing designer clothes and […]

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Small Steps to Great Success

People often  say I am wise beyond my age and Courteney gets that often too and she is only 15. We get the old soul wise spirit from our mother. Being a big sister I always tell Courteney not to rush life and enjoy being young and carefree. My only advice I would give a […]

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